Let us see the list of Entrepreneurs who put their ideas to work and turned the entire gamut of doing business. Great ideas are hard to generate and even harder to pull off.  There are very few successful entrepreneur stories that have created a significant impact on our world and the economy as a whole. Compiling the list of entrepreneurs can be very subjective however; I have tried to base it largely on the socio-economic factors. Here is the list of entrepreneurs who will be remembered for making an everlasting impact on our minds.

Steve Jobs

He is the man behind the hottest and the most innovative company on the planet. Being famous for his arrogant, rude and abusive nature, Steve Jobs will still be considered as one of the most inspiring and visionary entrepreneurs of all times. It was his dream of creating products like the iphone and the ipads which ultimately created a difference in the world. He worked more on intuition and gut feeling and believed that if Apple would have relied on market research they would have not invented products that are there in the market today. Starting from Macintosh to the iPod and iTunes and then from the iPhone to the iPad all products narrate the success story of Steve Jobs.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

There are around 3 billion searches made every day on Google, making it the most sought after search engine in the entire world. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, would have never imagined that what started as a dream in their Menlo garage office in 1999, would become a $10 billion entity in 2011. The power of Google lies in the investments done on its research and development as staying innovative and ahead of its competitors is the most challenging task for the company.

Mark Zuckerberg

Adding to the list of entrepreneurs is a Harvard university drop out, Mark Zuckerberg who wouldn’t have thought that he will become the owner of a company which will raise the biggest IPO of all times. It’s been around eight years since the inception of Facebook and it is been considered as an invention of an entrepreneurial genius. In spite of the growing competition from the arch rival, Google, Facebook is way ahead on account of the ongoing innovative changes and applications created by its developers from time to time.

Narayana Murthy

Another addition to the list of entrepreneurs is the name of one of the world’s most successful capitalist. He had a vision and dream of making India compete with the west by taking on the software development work from India. As one of the founding members of Infosys, Murthy sparked a revolution by pumping in enormous wealth into the Indian economy and creating a lot of career opportunities for youngsters. He emphasized on team working and creating a value based organizational system.

Sam Walton

Last but not the least, this list of entrepreneurs is incomplete without mentioning the name of the person who has revolutionized the retail sector in America. Walton died at the age of 74, 30 years after opening the first Walmart stores in America. He is considered as the father of the retail business and will be remembered for bringing in the efficiencies and organized work culture into the world of retailing. The success mantra of his company was to buy low, stack high and sell cheap. This clubbed with tracking the real time consumer behavior, became a sustainable business model for the company. Sam Walton revolutionized the supplier-retailer relationship all together.

Do you believe that becoming an entrepreneur is an easy task or is it only for those who have the courage to stand out?

Let me know what you think and what’s your take on entrepreneurship.